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Accessories from RC Models :
A collection of bits and pieces from various sources, designed to help modellers keep their models neat and tidy
Expanding braided black polyester sleeving, RRP 2.00
Length 1 metre.

Keep wiring neat with this sleeving. Stretch the sleeving open to insert several wires, it then closes up and holds them tight.

B002 2 - 6 mm dia.
B003 3 - 8 mm dia.
B005 5 - 12 mm dia.

Spiral wrap, RRP 2.00
Length 2 metres

B007 Black, 1.5 - 7.5mm
B008 Black, 4 - 20mm
B009 Clear, lightweight, 6 - 30 mm
B010 Black, 9.5 - 50 mm

Micro cable clips RRP 2.50

Pack of ten adhesive backed micro clips, take a 2.8 x 8.4 wire bundle

Heat shrinkable sleeving, RRP 2.00

CSMRL17 Adhesive heatshrink, 10cm
JG008 Clear heatshrink, narrow, 20cm
JG009 Clear heatshrink, wide, 20cm

Jeweller's screwdrivers, pack of 6, RRP 1.60

Small screwdrivers for those fiddly jobs.
SC001 Set of 6 slot-headed
SC002 Set of 6 cross-headed

Heavy duty universal extension leads, 23AWG, to take at least 8A

EX0100 100mm RRP 2.00
EX0200 200mm RRP 2.00
EX0300 300mm RRP 2.00
EX0600 600mm RRP 2.50
EX1000 1 metre RRP 3.05

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