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Far Eastern parts - general helicopters

double links

body rubbers

exhaust plug

wooden blades

blade caddies in use

skid set

skid sets


small filter

clear filter

kinkless tube

training undercarriage

fin bracket
FE0017 Ball links, standard 20mm RRP 5.35

R0058 Joint ball set (12) RRP 3.55

FER0040 Double link set, plastic, RRP 1.75

FER0062 Body mount rubbers, RRP 1.75

FE0069 Exhaust plug, silver, blue or red RRP 3.05

R0120 Exhaust deflector with plug, RRP 4.15

FE0126 55cm wooden blades RRP 14.85
With white covering

FE0127W 60cm wooden blades, RRP 17.30
With white covering

R3047 Blade caddy, mini helis RRP 1.70
R3800 Blade caddy, 30 - 50 size RRP 2.15
R3808 Blade caddy, 60 - 90 size RRP 2.50

FE0128 Full skid set, white/silver RRP 9.10

FE0156 Skid braces & end caps, black RRP 5.35

FE0204 Landing skid pipes RRP 2.95

FE0080 Skid end caps, fluoro yellow RRP 1.35

'Unbreakable' skid sets, RRP 9.10
R0143 red
R0144 blue
R0147 gold

FE0190 Header tank bracket, heavy plastic RRP 1.95

R3001 Filter, small metal (2) RRP 1.10

RA002 Filter with holder, RRP 3.25

FE0150 Large fuel filter, see-through RRP 5.85

R3137 Kinkless fuel pickup tube, RRP 2.65

FE0249 Carbon tail servo mount, RRP 7.10

FE0312 Carbon tail support bridge RRP 7.10

Training undercarriages
FE0151 For light weight helis RRP 6.45
4 cm balls, 13cm legs
FE801 For 30 - 50 size helis RRP 21.25
6.5cm balls, 60cm legs

FER1001 Fin bracket, silver, blue or red RRP 8.50

FEPLUG03 Economy glow plug (equiv. OS8) RRP 3.99

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