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          K&S logo Helicopter parts from K&S, Japan
fibreglass blades
RKS2137   55cm fibreglass blades RRP 31.25
                  pale grey with black plastic tip

RKS2138 60cm fibreglass blades RRP 33.65
                 pale grey with black plastic tip

RKS2347 60cm fibreglass blades RRP 52.35
                 3D, high quality, white
RKS610 Header Tank, Rectangular, with holder RRP 13.15

RKS397 Tank only, RRP 7.90
RKS625 Holder only, RRP 5.25

RKS419.2 T type filter, RRP 2.90

RKS645 Retainer for T type filter (2), RRP 5.75

RKS975B Fuel clamps (2), black RRP 2.15
RKS975C Fuel clamps (2), bright colours RRP 2.15

RKS763 Fuel line set, RRP 4.40

RKS728 Tube cap (2), RRP 3.25

RKS738 Tube cut-off and cap (2), RRP 4.10

RKS621Tube cap, plastic (3) RRP 2.55

RKS1375 Tube cap, metal, RRP 4.90
Two large, two small

RKS576 Antenna holder, RRP 5.45

RKS2123 Antenna tip holder, RRP 4.20

RKS181 Joint ball set, RRP 6.95
header tank


fuel clips

fuel line

tube cap

cap with cutoff

tail blades


tail guide

servo mount

exhaust deflector

exhaust cap

skid stops
85mm 30 size Tail Rotor Blades, RRP 2.35
RKS727 Orange
RKS727.1 Yellow
RKS727.3 Purple
RKS727.4 White
RKS727.5 White translucent

95mm 60 size Tail rotor Blades, RRP 5.90
RKS726.0 White
RKS726.1 Yellow

105mm, Tail rotor blades RRP 5.10
RKS812 Translucent white,

RKS328.1 30 size Paddles, yellow RRP 4.20

RKS337 60 Size Paddles, Grey, RRP 10.35

RKS533 Tail control guide set, RRP 5.80

RKS845 Universal tail control rod guide , RRP 7.25

RKS534 Tail control guide set (for carbon tube) , RRP 3.75
With two rather than four supports

RKS535 Tail Support Bridge , RRP 5.80

RKS517 Carbon tail support set, 30-60, RRP 26.45

RKS770 Direct tail servo mount (Universal), RRP 14.30

RKS805 Exhaust deflector 65 deg., black, RRP 3.30
RKS804 Exhaust deflector 35 deg., black, RRP 3.85
RKS730 Exhaust deflector 45 deg., clear, RRP 5.20
Picture shows 35 degrees

RKS618  Exhaust cap 6 - 7mm dia. RRP 3.40
RKS619  Exhaust cap 8 - 9mm dia. RRP 3.40
RKS620  Exhaust cap 10 - 12mm dia. RRP 3.40
These come complete with slip ring

Small skid stops, pack of 4, RRP 8.75
RKS509 orange
RKS510 yellow
RKS740 clear
RKS766 glo-in-the-dark
RKS466 white
RKS467 black
RKS511 pink
RKS2448 blue

Large skid stops, pack of 4, RRP 8.75
RKS513 orange
RKS514 yellow
RKS741 clear
RKS515 pink
RKS516 green
RKS468 white
RKS469 black
RKS2449 blue
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