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RKS939  Hook for hand fuel pump RRP 4.50

RKS454 Battery holder, RRP 9.55

Hex and Ball point allen drivers:
K&S keep changing the design on these, so as we run out of one design we have to stock up on the new, higher priced, design. This is what we have at present:

Lightweight hex allen drivers,
RKS2717 1.5mm long RRP 10.50
RKS1637 2.0mm RRP 6.30
RKS1638 2.5mm RRP 6.30

Spare tips,  

RKS2309 1.5mm long RRP 6.20
RKS1673 2mm RRP 2.05
RKS1674 2.5mm RRP 2.05
RKS1675 3mm RRP 2.05

Ball point drivers:  RRP 11.45
RKS2334 2mm
RKS2335 2.5mm
RKS2336 3mm

Taper head hex wrenchs RRP 5.60

RKS717 1.5mm
RKS718 2.0mm
RKS720 3.0mm
For more hex drivers, see our Far Eastern tools page

RKS624 Paddle Gauge, RRP 6.35

RKSP001 Spring-loaded pitch Gauge, RRP 9.95

RKS623 Pitch gauge plate for use with paddle gauge, RRP 8.65

RKS528 Blade balancer, RRP 30.25

RKS859  Blade sleeve (Universal), RRP 12.75
See also blade caddies

battery holders

hex driver

paddle guage

pitch guage

paddle guage plate

blade balancer

blade sleeve

ball link wrench

flybar weight

hex starter shaft
starter cup
RKS737   Ball Link Wrench, black (2), RRP 4.75
RKS737.1 Ball link Wrench, clear (2) RRP 5.50
            Easier to see ball, so less likely to damage it

RKS673 Ball link pliers, plastic RRP 7.70

RKS508 Flybar setting weights, 3mm, RRP 13.00
For 30/50 size.

RKS1168 Flybar setting weights, 4mm, RRP 15.25
For 60/90 size.
RKS095 One-way hex starter shaft RRP 30.25

RKS239 Hex Starter Shaft, RRP 36.25
With one way bearing

RKS239.1 Replacement one-way bearing RRP 23.30

RKS239.2 Replacement hex shaft joint RRP 12.75

RKS258 Replacement plastic spacer RRP 2.35

KS732 Starter cup assembly, RRP 27.50 Only usable with K&S hex starter shaft, RKS239

RKS2122 MG Hex starter shaft RRP 66.80 Top of the range, one-way bearing
RKS1359 Heavy duty Starter, RRP 64.95

RKS2696 Heli position visual aid. RRP 7.50
A little heli to help visualize what your model should look like at different angles in different manouvres.

RKS680 Heli transport holder (set of 2), RRP 9.65
Clip on to your skids and can be screwed to a board or to the wall (for extra saftety, use supplied bands to hold the skids into the clips)

RKS497 Receiver wrap, RRP 6.05

RKS681 Stretchable velcro, RRP 3.50

RKS1243 Cord holders (x10), RRP 3.95

RKS836 K&S Tracking tape, RRP 2.45

RKS2230 Holographic blade stickers RRP 4.65

RKS1193 Charging connector cap, RRP 3.00

RKS1821 Safety bag for LiPo batteries, RRP 21.55
Aluminium Carbon Kevlar, 27 x 19cm

RKS1391 Kneeling pad, RRP 16.95
photo of visual aid

yellow helicopter holder

Rx wrap

card holders

tracking tape
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