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Far Eastern parts for Raptor Helicopters
30/50 Head  parts       30/50 Tail  parts       Other 30/50  parts        
Head parts, 30/50 v2

FER0005 Flybar Control rod (heavy plastic), RRP £2.00

FER0029 Upgrade main shaft RRP £3.95

FER0355 Spindle RRP £2.95

FER0486 Flybar seesaw w. bearings, RRP £6.40

R0009  Mixing lever/washout assembly, RRP £28.50

R0097  Elevator lever set, RRP £30.65

R0100 Aileron L-lever set, RRP £12.80

R0008 Flybar, RRP £3.50

control rods

flybar seesaw

washout ass





tail case


rotor shaft


fin bracket
Tail parts

FER0027 Tail case, plastic RRP £4.40

R1003 Tail case set, metal and carbon, RRP £31.00

FER0030 Tail rotor shaft, RRP £2.85

FER0054S Boom clamp, silver RRP £5.20

R0112 Metal tail pitch slider, red RRP £6.85

R0117 Plastic tail pitch slider with bearing, RRP £4.25

30 size booms, RRP£5.05
FER0060 Black
FER0060B Blue

50 Size booms, RRP £6.05
FER0108 Black
FER0108B Blue
R0108G Gold

Titan 50 booms RRP £6.60
R0521  Titanium grey

R0520 Tail drive belt Titan RRP £12.25

FER0329 Boom support RRP £5.90
May be cut down for 30 size

R0392 Rear tail control rod, RRP £3.00

FER0279 Tail rod guides £1.65
Black or blue

FER1001 Fin bracket, silver, blue or red RRP £8.50
FE3831 Raptor 30 crash kit
Comprising: boom, flybar, main shaft, spindle, half undercarriage, flybar loops, tail rod and tail rod guide. RRP £19.50
A saving of 25% on price of individual items!
crash kit
Other Raptor parts
FER0021 Guide pulley assembly RRP £2.95

FER0040 Double link set, plastic, RRP £1.75

FER0044 Full set of linkage rods RRP £3.85

FER0062 Body mount rubbers, RRP £1.75

guide pulley

duble link

linkages rods

body mounts

FER0148 Main spur gear set RRP £4.95

FER0358 Clutch bell RRP £8.30
With liner. Silver, blue or red.

FER0360 Starter shaft RRP £2.45

FER0361 Starter coupling v2 & 60 RRP £3.85

FER0026 Starter coupling v1 RRP £2.95

FER0363 Fuel tank set RRP £6.50

FER0532 Clutch liner, 2 sets, RRP £2.45

FER1015 Engine mount £16.75

R0068 Metal Pitch control arm/servo tray, RRP £27.50

R0109 H/P Muffler 50, RRP £30.35

R1012 Turbo type cooling fan 50, RRP £20.90

R0380 Pinion gear 10T for 50 size, RRP £2.50

R0326 Carbon frame base stiffener, RRP £19.75

R1008S Header tank with support, RRP £11.20

spur gear

clutch bell

starter sgaft

starter coupling

servo tray



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