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Far Eastern parts -Tools

                                                                                                                  hex wrench

                                      socket wrench

                                          plug wrench

                                       ball link reamer

                                   sealing iron


                                  fuel pump                               

                                        blade caddies in use
FE0040 Small 4-way wrench RRP1.60

FE0125 Hex wrench set, RRP 1.60
simple L-shape, 1.5mm - 3mm

FE0322 Hex wrench set RRP 9.20
1 handle, 4 tips, 1.5mm - 3mm

R3039 Socket wrench set, 5, 5.5, 7 & 8mm RRP 25.00

FE1311 4-way wrench, 5.5, 7, 8, 10mm RRP 5.30
(M3, M4, & plug sizes)

FE0109 Hex starter shaft RRP 12.15

R3017 Glow plug wrench set, RRP 19.15

FE0175 Ball link pliers RRP 13.00

FE0291 Ball link sizing tool RRP 2.80

R3070 Mini sealing iron, RRP 12.35
for touching up and repairs, foot size 35 x 12mm

R3016 'Gun' style cordless starter set, RRP 28.95
For up to 50 size motors.

FE1670 Electric fuel pump RRP 11.30

FE1626 Hand crank fuel pump RRP 10.70

R3047  Blade caddy, mini helis, RRP 1.70
R3800  Blade caddy, 30 - 50 size, RRP 2.15
R3808  Blade caddy, 60 - 90 size, RRP 2.50
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